Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monmouth County gets 9x's more homeless funding than Ocean County

Homelessness is homelessness, whether you are in Monmouth County or Ocean County.  But how does one explain a 90% difference in grants between the two?  

The competitive grant called Continuum of Care under the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development listed Lakewood and Ocean County as receiving $234,008 for programs to help the homeless while Monmouth County received $2.6 million for its programs.

“The difference between neighboring counties is obscene,” Lakewood Township Committeeman Raymond G. Coles said. “All anyone has to do is pick up a newspaper or drive down Cedar Bridge Avenue to see that we have a huge homeless problem in Lakewood.”

Homeless help in Ocean County is 1/10 of Monmouth County on.app.com/XBFVSR

Grants for homeless in Ocean County questioned; Monmouth gets more on.app.com/XBFVSR

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