Sunday, December 16, 2012

Point in Time survey questions answered

The Ocean County Department of Human Services held a PIT instruction meeting last week and answered a few questions about the procedures to use with those county residents who now find themselves homeless.

Their answers:

Couch surfing or living with friends or family is considered homeless for agency purposes BUT NOT for the PIT survey.  The PIT does not consider those individuals homeless for whatever reason, not sure why but that is there rule.

Individuals who own a home (with or without a mortgage) and renters who have leases and are living with friends or families fall under the “Temporary with friends or family” box in question one and as stated that is not a PIT definition of homeless.

Individuals who are engaged with an agency (nonprofit or the Board) and are not in Ocean County will not show in our homeless numbers as they are not in the County proper but we should fill surveys out for them because they are currently engaged in Ocean County funded programming.

For the counting of ages 0-18, 18-24, 24+.  I was told that for the 18-24 year olds we should encourage them to fill out their own survey if present but if they are not there and a parent is filling it out they will not be counted.  I’m not sure why but that was the decision that was made.

It is also essential for all surveys to address question 19 and make the connection to Sandy if they were displaced.  I was told that checking off “Natural Disaster” is the only way the state will be calculating the impacts of Sandy.

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