Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ocean Long Term Recovery Committee established

A couple of hundred people and groups have met three times and created the Ocean County Long Term Recovery Committee.

Ocean County organized the initial meeting, held at the Holiday Inn in Toms River in November. People shared what they were doing and identified the needs they encountered.

The second meeting, held at the Elks Hall, Washington St. in Toms River introduced a model of a coordinated community effort to meet large-scale disasters and developed by the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. The model is based on responses to such events as hurricanes Katrina and Irene.

There are many resources available at the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster's (NVOAD) website: including a pdf file, "Long Term Recovery Guide."
At their third meeting the Ocean LTR Committee elected their Executive Committee Monday, Dec. 10:

Ted Gooding (Co-Chair), O.C.E.A.N., Inc
Eileen C Coyne (Co-Chair),Caregivers of NJ, Inc
Laura Pople (Secretary), Seer Farms
Linda Gyimoty (Treasurer), United Way of Ocean County

The committee will vote upon the following items at its next meeting:

Objective of the Ocean Long Term Recovery Committee:

Is to provide additional assistance in the post-recovery process for victims of disasters by bringing together various levels of assistance and resources to persons and families in need. 

The Mission of LTR Committees:

Is to address the Unmet Disaster Caused or Aggravated Needs within local communities, by using collaborative efforts between the public, private, interfaith and voluntary agencies.

That next meeting will be held on Monday, December 17th, 10 am to 12 pm at
Toms River Elks #1875 Lodge, 
600 Washington Street, Toms River, NJ 08753. Everyone is invited to attend.

This will perhaps be the most important meeting yet. 

The agenda includes creating the Long Term Recovery Group Sub-Committees.  Volunteers are needed to join those committees.  Training will be provided.  Those committees and their responsibilities include:

Case Management/Review
          Recruit, supervise, train, support caseworkers to assist clients with disaster caused recovery needs.  Prepare and present cases for consideration to entire committee for approval funding or resources

Volunteer Management
          Manage all staff local and incoming to assist.  Provide logistical support for incoming volunteer work teams

Construction Management
          Assess projects and provide materials list, skill needed, and supervision to complete repair and reconstruction

Info Tech/Computers
          Determine and recommend supplies, materials, technology and equipment needed

          Develop funding sources and monitor funds available to obtain materials needed to respond to disaster and to meet ongoing expenses

Public Affairs and Information
          Promote the work of the committee to the public and offer educational opportunities

          Recruit individuals and groups that have resources to contribute to the committee

          Manage donations made to the committee

Resource Directory
          Develop and maintain a directory of resources that can be used to assist in meeting both disaster cased and ongoing needs of clients

Needs Assessment
          Determine scope of disaster and resources needed to respond
Social Events
          Provide opportunities for clients, volunteers and the community to bond and encourage each though the recovery process

          Assist victims as a group identify and advocate with policy makers needed changes to make response more effective

Grievance Procedure
          Answer complaints or concerns that a client may have about service deliver of ineligibility to receive services

Remember, no one is useless. Everyone has a purpose, even if it's to serve as a bad example.  Don't be that bad example. You have talents and gifts! You want to help! Join in the recovery efforts.

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