Sunday, December 16, 2012

NJ Hope and Healing Campaign – the behavioral health communities response to Hurricane Sandy!

This project is sponsored by the New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Disaster and Terrorism Branch, through a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in partnership with the Mental Health Association in New Jersey.

One of the roles of the Mental Health Association in New Jersey in NJ Hope and Healing
is the development and distribution of media and marketing material.   An important component of the campaign is to present a consistent message of “hope and healing” and drive people to the NJ Disaster Mental Health HelpLine  - 877-294-4357—For those seeking help with the emotional burden of recent storms and flooding”.   Crisis Counselors will be working on the grassroots level in all the impacted counties offering emotional support, education and information and referral. MHANJ wants to be sure all our partners in New Jersey’s recovery effort are aware of this campaign and can support its goals.
We want to keep everyone aware of media efforts, and provide access to marketing materials- to assure the broadest distribution and readership in the impacted areas of New Jersey.   Below is an outline of upcoming media efforts  and the marketing material we have created for this campaign.     Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues.    Join us in spreading the word.

  • Beginning Thursday November 29th and for the next four weeks,  weekly newspaper ads will be running in the major daily papers promoting the NJHH and the NJ Disaster Mental Health Helpline as the contact point.   Attached is a copy of the ad.  
  • Beginning 11/19/12 and running for four weeks with be a series .30  and .10 second spots promoting NJHH.   These will be running on targeted radio outlets during prime time, and will also include Spanish radios stations.
Community Marketing Materials
Materials will be distributed by Crisis Counselors at the community level at local events,  door to door, and through other community networks.

  • NJ Hope and Healing brochures in both English and Spanish have been printed in mass quantities.  A pdf copy of both brochures is attached. Please feel free to reproduce and distribute them.
  • NJ Hope and Healing posters in both English and Spanish have been printed.  If you would like copies of the printed poster contact:
  • Crisis Counselors working the community will each be wearing a brightly colored yellow-green vest with the “NJ Hope and Healing” logo on the front and back.    They will also have identification cards. Crisis Counselors are available to attend community meetings, meet with first responders and outreach directly to impacted neighborhoods.
In the coming weeks we will
undertake additional efforts to market our efforts.   We hope you can share these materials and spread the word that…
Hope and Healing is just a phone call away.

If you would like any additional information- please contact us at

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