Thursday, November 22, 2012

NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency

Friends and Colleagues,

I hope this email finds you all safe and secure.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, thousands of New Jersey residents have been displaced from their homes and are in need of housing. The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, an affiliated agency of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs has partnered with the non-profit organization to provide web-based ( and bi-lingual call center-based (1-877-428-8844) housing location services for Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

Long-term and short-term housing assistance is now available through the New Jersey Housing Resource Center (NJHRC) located at

The NJHRC is a free service to assist people in search of housing and to landlords who are looking to provide housing. People without Internet access can call the bilingual toll-free number 1-877-428-8844 for help using this service.

Please pass this information along to your residents, family or friends that have been displaced from their home and are in search of temporary or permanent housing.

Click here to download a flyer for you to distribute or post as you see fit with all the pertinent information on how to access the NJHRC website or call center.
Wishing you all the best,
Anthony L. Marchetta
Executive Director
New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
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