Thursday, November 8, 2012

Long Term Recovery meeting 11/19

Long Term Recovery Committee

I hope this email find you well.  On November 19th from 8am until noon we will be hosting a Long Term Recovery Committee meeting at the Holiday Inn of Toms River.  This meeting will focus on the Ocean County needs resulting from the impacted of Sandy.  

The Long Term Recovery Committee is intended to be the centralized point at which all funders, nonprofit agencies, faith based communities and volunteer groups come to discuss needs and plan for efforts.  Ocean County’s intention is not to take over the work of these agencies, but to promote a formalized and unified effort.  Ocean County is aware of the amazing outpouring of donations and volunteers that have come to help in its time of need; our aim is to ease efforts, not duplicate efforts, and foster a way to match the identified needs with the resources being offered to Ocean County.

Ocean County will need extended time to recover, specialized assistance, and a more formalized structure to coordinate our recovery efforts in our community at all levels.  This disaster will present very complex challenges to Ocean County and those who will participate in the restoration. The Long Term Recovery Committee looks to concentrate on these needs by taking a long-range view of critical recovery needs, and coordinating the mobilization of resources at the federal, state, and community levels.

This first meeting of the Long Term Recovery Committee will be convened with the nonprofit agencies, the faith based community, and volunteers.  I ask that you pass this information along to anyone who would be interested in attending and RSVP to ensure that we have the space necessary to accommodate all participants.  

Please RSVP to Ryan Reilly at no later then November 15.  

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