Saturday, March 1, 2014

NJ Coalition to End Homelessness: Good news - the tents are coming down

Tents are coming down in the Lakewood Tent City -- and in a good way! As per the court orders with Lakewood obtained with the Coalition's support, all of the homeless residents who participated in the court-ordered census last April are now in the process of moving out of the cold woods and into apartments.  So far, more than 30 men and women who had to fight to survive in the woods are now warm indoors.  Their tents are only coming down when they are no longer needed.  The Coalition congratulates board member Jeff Wild for his dedicated efforts in securing this victory.

Here is a link to one of the many heartwarming stories of those who finally have a home of their own:

Kevin's Story

There is, however, much more work to be done. Even though Lakewood is now abiding by the law – providing housing for these unsheltered homeless - Ocean County is not. Ocean County must provide a safety net – an emergency housing center – for all the other homeless throughout Ocean County.  At the so-called “Special Response” Office of the Board of Social Services in Toms River, homeless men, women and children are still being turned away on a daily basis as “ineligible” for emergency shelter.   The Coalition has made addressing this unconscionable situation one of its top priorities for this year.  Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution towards the Coalition's remaining work using the link below.

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  1. Any organization that says "good news" about Tent City being demolished is an enemy of the homeless!