Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Support for housing advocates

Dear Sir or Madam;

The plight of the homeless in our State and in fact any State of the Union is deplorable. How can we call ourselves Christians and allow fellow human beings to live in conditions that are worse than the stray animals within our State.

The manner of caring for them now exists of placing the individual in a motel room for a set period of time, usually 3 days to a few weeks or so,usually in one of the roughest dirtiest rooms around, then shuffling them along to the next motel room every so many days and so on, nothing is done to try heal a spirit that has been beaten and shattered from living with nothing, no one seems to look for the cause and then a cure, some of these souls are managing to hold part time jobs, but can't even get part time help. You must see that paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to motels year after dear is simply a gross waste of funds, its like putting a band-aide on a gushing artery, it doesn't do anything without getting to the cause of the problem why bother.

We can build wonderful state of the art animal shelters and beautiful baseball fields but no one, no absolutely not one of our elected officials is willing to raise so much as one hand or lay one brick to shelter a forgotten homeless soul, how can they care so much for mans best friend but not for man himself.

Solutions are available, advocacy groups are available and have long been available with many great ideas they stand at the ready, but assistance is required with funding from our State and assistance of willing hearts and minds from the local officials Ocean County could be a beacon of hope for all other counties in this great State of New Jersey.

Please listen to these advocates, lets start seeing the faces of the homeless as human and make 2014 the year something of true help is done for them. There but for the Grace of God go I, could be one of your own.
Remember the words our Saviour told us that which we do to the least of our brothers we do to him.

Thank you for your time.

Rosemary Goebel
Member of H.E.L.P
Homelessness ended through local Partners
and "The Lodge"

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