Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is Philadelphia's mayor for real?

City of Brotherly Love? NOT!

It's soon going to be illegal to feed the homeless and hungry in public locations.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter wants to ban community organizations from feeding the neediest in city parks.

Borrowing from Dan Rackley, a freelance writer, on PhillyNow online: Nutter has launched what is essentially an attack on Philadelphia's less fortunate and the people who wish to give them a helping hand.

Nutter says he wants to keep the homeless safe and have access to mental health and medical services. Homeless advocates say "Baloney," the goal is to remove the homeless from high-visible, tourist areas.

The Board of Health's draft regulation will require groups to submit an application and follow other rules. Violators would receive a warning from police. After two warnings violators would be hit with a $150 fine. If adopted at the Mar. 22 vote the ban will take effect about mid-April.

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