Sunday, July 10, 2011

H.E.L.P. meeting agenda: July 11, 2011

1. Introductions (name and group association)

2. Committee and group reports:
• Housing Solutions Committee (“Lodge”, other housing, outreach to senior communities)
• Advocacy Committee (outreach to groups, local govt. leaders; Advocacy Plan)
• Board of Social Services Monitoring (Committee? Form?)

3. Lakewood Tent City and related reports regarding homelessness:
• Update regarding litigation and H.E.L.P. involvement
• Residents needs and concerns: advocacy assistance, transportation (establish targeted “needs” lists?)
• Other strategies and next steps

4. Discussion: identify and prepare funding applications to COC: vouchers, “Lodge” land acquisition, permanent housing “pilot project”, other possibilities
• Increase attendance, participation at CoC and CEAS
• Review H.E.L.P. “Goals and Objectives” for possible proposals
• Initial Notice of Intent due 7/14/11

5. Review: proposed attendance at upcoming Freeholder meeting
• Date: discuss target date in fall
• Purpose and focus: Trust Fund (possible referendum?); other (review talking points)
• Speakers: identify (Kiwanis, clergy, etc.)
• Getting the word out: how and when
• Alternative: private meetings

6. Website and related communications issues
• Update re on-line calendar and proposed Newsletter
• Brochure distribution
• Op-eds, letters, other possible ways of getting the word out

7. General updates, issues and concerns:
• Review of federal and state developments relevant to homelessness: COAH/Mt. Laurel case before Supreme Ct., budget proposals, legislation, etc.
• Status of County Homelessness Focus Group report and draft plan
• Concern: need to find ways to regain input and guidance from homeless individuals and families, and, and facilitate their attendance at meetings.
• Other concerns
8. Establish next meeting date

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