Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jeff Wild launches "Survival Corp"

Jeff Wild has just launched Survival Corp., designed to take the fight against homelessness and poverty statewide.  He is still fleshing it out but the inaugural Web page can be accessed at

The top 10 reasons we need to form Survival Corp. ("Survival"):
 1.            Because hundreds of thousands of men, women and children in New Jersey, and millions of men, women and children in the United States, are falling through the holes in the Government's "safety net" -- and hitting the ground every day;

        2.            Because of the unemployed (or under-employed) men and women who can't make enough to pay rent at any apartment in New Jersey -- but whose incomes are "too high" to qualify for any Government program through which they could obtain housings;
        3.            Because of the men and women who made bad choices in the past and were convicted of drug offenses or other crimes -- but now, after serving their time, are disqualified by their conviction from any Government program that would allow them to have a place to live or adequate food, and thus are drawn back into crime;
        4.            Because of the men and women trying to get off alcohol or drugs -- but who don't have access to a rehab facility and end up living on the street or in the woods;
        5.            Because of the divorced men and women who want to pay the alimony or child support they owe -- but who can't pay for survival-level room and board if they do;
        6.            Because of the men and women who do qualify, under existing law, for Government programs -- but do not get them, because of government officials and employees who delay and deny Government help without legal justification;
        7.            Because of the children of the men and women described above, who suffer in poverty in America's second wealthiest State;
        8.            Because faith-based organizations, secular non-profits and businesses (large and small) committed to their community can partner together to make sure the Government fulfills its first obligation:  to protect the people it serves, including recognizing every person's right to have their most basic human needs met if they cannot meet them on their own;
        9.            Because of the patchwork of faith-based and secular organizations and individuals working every day to meet the survival needs of the homeless and hungry in New Jersey -- but who can do much better, and get emergency help to those who need it most, by partnering together and coordinating their efforts on a Statewide basis;
        10.          Because we can:  our gratitude for the blessings that so many of us do have impels us to stand together with those who struggle every day to survive.

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