Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HABcore's letter writing campaign

HABcore is circulating a letter and asks that you print out a copy, sign it and then mail it to Sen. Chris Connors.

On Feb. 28 the Beachwood Planning Board has, for the third time, denied HABcore's application to convert an old rooming house (with two apartments and a detached single-family house on the lot) to affordable apartments for people with disabilities. The proposed unit would have five studio apartments, two 2-BR apartments, a laundry room and the single-family home.

Steve Heisman writes, "Despite the property's history of being a home for drug use and violence, the town's planning board is concerned about the prospect of housing people who have special needs because of the perceived threat to the neighborhood's children. While the judge has confirmed be believes this change is use would be inherently beneficial, the board has denied the application to change the use three times.
"Should HABcore not be able to convert the property because of the zoning, it would like to acquire the property as is and operate the rooming house with the same structure HABcore operates its other rooming and boarding houses. HMFA is not completely in favor of this route and may pull their funding however.
"We believe there is a need for affordable and supportive housing in this area. This project can provide a safe, decent home for 11 needy individuals and families while improving the look and safety of the neighborhood.
"From its beginning in 1988 to the present, HABcore has provided special care to members of the homeless population of the Monmouth/Ocean county area. While growing from serving five people to over 100, this not-for-profit agency has established a reputation for providing clean, safe and affordable housing for its residents, most of whom are the most vulnerable of our citizens. HUD, CDA, FHLBNY, and HMFA have recognized HABcore's efforts in the past with numerous grants.
"HABcore is encouraging people to recognize the importance of this project and help advocate for its completion. Hopefully, all of the resources spent on this project over the past four years will not be wasted. Please have your church or organization send the letter to Senator Connor."
Please e-mail Steve at and let him know that you have done so.

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