Sunday, February 23, 2014

NYT: "I'm homeless, not stupid"

Needing help is not the same as being helpless.
"I'm homeless, not stupid," says a resident of a Quixotic Village, a self-governing micro-housing settlement in Washington state.
Twenty-four men and women were moved into their own tiny apartments Christmas Eve, much like the houses advocated for by Ocean County's Destiny's Bridge the past three years.
The houses are small: 8 by 18 feet, 144 square feet. But providing a transitional house is the second step in moving people from homelessness to living in permanent housing.
"It's about providing homes for people who were in tents a month ago," said Garner Miller, an architect who helped create the new village's layout and living model.
Read the complete story in this New York Times article.

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