Saturday, January 11, 2014

Care for the Poor, Quite A Challenge


James Martin, S.J.’s offered up a concise summary of Pope Francis’ message since taking on leadership of the Catholic Church in March on the Colbert Report last night: “Christ invites you into simple living and to help the poor as an invitation to be part of the reign of God.”  Fr. Martin later noted, “If you have a problem with Pope Francis.  You have a problem with Jesus.”

In recent weeks Pope Francis’ comments on the global economy have received critique in the media from a small number of wealthy Catholics who have expressed concern that his message is disconcerting to some people.  In his tongue-in-cheek manner, Colbert questioned Martin on this asking, “Why is he gunning for the big money people?”  Martin’s response: “Jesus tells us to care for the poor…The Pope said I care for the poor and the rich alike.  But he has a responsibility to tell everyone that the rich need to care and respect the poor.”
To read the remainder of this blog click here. It includes a link to Fr. James Martin's SJ appearance on the Colbert Report earlier this week and his discussion about people's response to poverty and the poor. 

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