Friday, November 29, 2013

"God shed his grace on thee"

Homelessness is a social justice issue, rooted in poverty and unequal access to resources.
When we sing about America and "God shed his grace on thee," do we think these blessings were given to us so we could horde them? My Christian tradition has taught me that we are to help those who are less fortunate that us. I also know this is not unique to Christians. There is a long history of Jewish traditions of people helping the poor. I have also witnessed Islam teaching the same thing. There is an obligation to reach out.
Pope Francis message has consistently been to help the poor: feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless. Most recently he has called attention to the evils our economic
I guess some political commentators take exception to this and try to discredit the gospel message, the Jewish tradition, the teachings of Islam.
James Martin, SJ has addressed the issue: Rush Limbaugh slams the Pope's critique of capitalism as "pure Marxism." Go, and learn the meaning of Catholic Social Teaching.
As for me, I just wonder why it is that those who know the least, seem to know it the loudest?
As we give thanks, let's give thanks that we are blessed so we can help the less fortunate. And for the opportunity to exercise our faith in the power of God.

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