Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tent City residents still need your help

I ran into Steve Brigham at the library in Toms River yesterday and learned that a mistake in a news story has led people to a wrong impression.
Following the news release of a settlement agreement between Lakewood and the residents in Tent City, Steve said a reporter wrote Tent City would be closing very soon. That is wrong, it will take a while to find appropriate housing for the 90 residents and people made the assumption that those residents no longer needed help.
Steve estimates it will take many months before residents will be relocated to adequate housing and so Tent City residents are still need.
Steve still provides food in communal meals for Tent City residents, but donations have almost completely dried up. That factored into his decision to sell his bus. He used the money to buy food.
"Our biggest need is for protein items like eggs, hotdogs and hamburgers," he said.
If you can help, he'd appreciate that.  And if dropping off those items is inconvenient, how about purchasing gift certificates from ShopRite or other local grocery store and dropping them off to Steve?

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