Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy shelters and needs

Here is an update as of Saturday, 6:00pm.

Three churches and one synagogue have offered to shelter residents
from the storm. I was on the phone with Mike McNeil and he has also informed
that there are rooms through social services.

The facilities are:
All Saints Episcopal - 2nd Street and Rte 9
Intercessory Tabernacle - Arlington Avenue
Missionary Pentecostal Church - Fourth Street 
Temple Beth Am Shalom - Route 70
(Pastor David Orellana and Pastor Cruz always offer but we thought
this was plenty)

A call was made to Kenny this morning and he said the storm should be at its
worse Monday early evening. The various facilities would start opening at noon on Monday unless you or Kenny call us and want an earlier start time. 

Minister Steve will be coordinating people to go to certain facilities. He told me he will do his best to suggest certain places for people. Last year the elderly women came to All Saints - and the entire Mexican crew went over to Salguero's etc. He said he will not have any official breakdown until tomorrow.

As you maybe aware Tent City has team Captains elected by the people of the camp. Hannah is one and she has been on the phone along with others encouraging them to consider spending the night indoors. 

While the focus in tent city, the homeless near the tracks it is also for anyone in need. Last year we had a walk-in of a couple whose pipes burst.

We should try and get each facility at least a dozen blankets and let us know if there any cots being dropped off.

I asked Kenny this morning for a few flashlights.
Any other lighting would be helpful if power goes out. 

We need to transport people to the various facilities.
Minister Steve will do this - and I think Mike will help.
I asked churches to prepare to let us use their vans and those of us CERT
certified can take someone out of arms way if needed. 
(in the future as discussed, we could use a vehicle-bus won't do-sometimes we get a call from someone and we don't need a bus - this is the nature of the beast)

I have asked Mike to see if he can secure a key to the Center or see if
Alba will be available for Tuesday.

We have also asked the Pastors to ask someone in the congregations if they have a generator until we get one for each facility in each place as discussed at the emergency meetings. 

Finally, it was an excellent suggestion that the churches pick a team of people to go out and check on their neighbors the next day. If anyone finds a resident in a desperate situation we will call you immediately!

That is all for now.
Thank you for your service to the people and blessing to you and the crew.

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