Thursday, January 12, 2012

Business community to the rescue

Wobm reports that a local business has stepped forward and replaced the log splitter that was stolen from Tent City residents Tuesday and other businesses have promised to provide wood.

The coalition of homeless advocates have held that the way to eliminate homelessness in Ocean County is for various groups (churches, business, community service groups, the homeless and government) to get together and work to solve the problem.  It is too big for only one group to resolve.

Four of those groups are on-board. 

The advocates still hold out that offer to local and county governments.

And thank you to the media for accurately and fairly keeping the plight of the homeless in the public's eye.

Stolen Log Splitter Replaced At Lakewood Homeless Encampment

A silver lining for Lakewood tent city residents. A Toms River rental company is donating a brand new hydraulic wood splitter after the one they had, was stolen from the encampment site Tuesday night.
Pastor Steve Brigham
Pastor Steve Brigham (video,
Also three tree removal companies are dropping off logs for heat supply. The original unit was changed to a tree so authorities believe someone came in with cutters to remove it.
The theft came just days after a judge ruled the 80 or so can stay put for now until a hearing can take place between both sides.  Local tree service companies sometimes donate trees for the firewood.  It’s up to the residents of tent city to split the wood that they can burn in their wood burning stoves.  At this point, they only have enough wood to get through about four days.
Homeless advocate Steven Brigham says “I appeal to the person or persons who took this.  It’s the lifeblood of our tent city. Please return it as soon as possible.”
Anyone who can give police information about the theft should call them directly at 732-363-0200.

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