Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Preparations

Members of our Coalition are concerned about Hurricane Irene and its possible impact this weekend on those living in tents.   I sent the e-mail below to the attorneys for Ocean County, and I will let you know if the County responds and identifies some indoor location(s) where homeless individuals can get emergency assistance this weekend if necessary.  In addition, Minister Steve Brigham tells me that two congregations, All Saints Episcopal in Lakewood and West Grove Methodist in Neptune, have offered their doors and floors this weekend.  Many thanks to these congregations and any others in the area that want to contact Minister Steve (732-364-0340) to offer help relating to the possible hurricane, such as transporting people to safety and, after the storm (hurricane or not) repairing any damage.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with the homeless this weekend. 
From: Wild, Jeffrey J.
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2011 5:26 PM
To: Jean L. Cipriani, Esq.
Cc: Garrick Slavick; 'Larry Perlberg'; Michael M. DiCicco; Weiss, Catherine; Sheikh, Khizar A.
Subject: Hurricane Help for Homeless?
Importance: High
At least last I heard, there was a possibility of Hurricane Irene hitting or having major effects in or near Ocean County on Saturday and/or Sunday.    Given that the conditions could be life-threatening, is  Ocean County arranging for, or will it arrange for, some indoor location(s) where members of the public, including homeless individuals, can seek refuge from the possible hurricane this weekend?  For example, I see no reason why county buildings could not be made available this weekend for this purpose.  Even if the County disputes an obligation to provide shelter at all times (the subject matter of the pending litigation),  the County should not fail to offer protection to county residents in an emergency situation of this kind.  Please advise as soon as possible one way or the other.   
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