Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Report Card Gives Failing Grades on U.S. Housing Rights

National Law Center
on Homelessness and Poverty

As students across the country receive their final grades for the semester, the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty has released a report card grading the United States on its response to homelessness and its compliance with the human right to housing. "Simply Unacceptable" : Homelessness and the Human Right to Housing in the U.S. issues failing grades in more than one category.

According to international standards, the human right to housing consists of seven elements: security of tenure; availability of services, materials, and infrastructure; affordability; accessibility; habitability; location; and cultural adequacy. This report gives the U.S. letter grades on each of them and offers common sense solutions the U.S. can adopt to better meet the housing needs of homeless and poor people.

The report calls for the continuation and increased funding for a successful homelessness prevention program, funding for federally subsidized housing, making laws protecting tenants of foreclosed properties from eviction permanent, and the creation of a federal living wage.

Read the full report here. (You may have to cut 'n paste this link.)

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