Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New political season begins. Questions?

The new political season begins and people are becoming more supportive of the homeless and their needs. As the politicians gather to seek your vote this is the time to bring your concerns about the homeless to them.

Use this post to contribute questions you can ask the candidates about such things as shelters, aid to the homeless, safety nets to catch families before they become homeless. What plans to the politicians have to meet those needs?

Write your questions as a comment to this posting. And feel free to use any of them when you address the candidates. Remember to always be respectful. Do not become confrontational. If their answer supports what you believe in, let them know. And if you don't agree with them, let them know that, too.

Go with a friend, both for support and to help you remain on topic.

Be sure to share what you've learned from the candidates with others in your community.

And most important of all: be sure you are registered to vote and be sure you get out to the polls to vote.

So here are a couple of questions you can ask: Whose responsibility is it to house the homeless? Town? County? State?

How would you use your position to fix homelessness in your town, county or state?

What have you done to help the homeless?

Be sure to write your questions in the comment section of this post.

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