Wednesday, April 13, 2011

County & Lakewood filed their briefs

For the lawyers among you (or anyone else interested in the legal issues), attached are copies of the papers filed by the Board of Social Services, Ocean County and Lakewood. All of these papers seek, one way or the other, dismissal of our claim that a right to emergency shelter should be recognized in New Jersey. We are in the process of drafting our opposition papers, which are due a week from today, on April 18th. The oral argument remains scheduled for Friday, April 29th at 10 a.m. This may be a challenge legally, but it is a challenge that needs to be taken on, and hopefully Judge Grasso can be convinced not to grant the attached motion and throw out our claims against these governmental defendants. Jeffrey J. Wild Member of the Firm Lowenstein Sandler PC 65 Livingston AvenueRoseland, NJ 07068 973-597-2554 (direct telephone) 973-597-2555 (direct fax)

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