Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Homeless litigation scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 17

Judge Grasso will meet with both sides of the Lakewood tent city litigation this Thursday (Courtroom 1, I believe) at 1:30 p.m.  I have included a letter from Jeffrey Wild about this matter. 
If you are available, can you attend?  Public concern over the homeless is very high in Ocean County.  By being there you will show your support of the homeless and the attorneys who are representing them.
Thanks for your attention in this matter,

Nice speaking with you tonight.  Please feel free to forward the attached letters and the litigation update below to any member of the press interested in following the Ocean County Homeless Litigation -- including the initial court conference before Judge Grasso this Thursday at 1:30 p.m.  I am also willing to speak with anyone, including any reporters, who have any questions.  Feel free to call me (or have anyone call me) on my cell, 973-517-8015:

Subject: Litigation Update: Coalition for the Homeless of Ocean County

As per the attached letter from the Court, Judge Grasso has granted our request for an initial case management conference, which I will attend with the attorneys for the other parties, including the County and Lakewood, this coming Thursday at 1:30 p.m.  Initial conference like these are often routine, such as to set a schedule for discovery and other proceedings in the litigation.  Also, even though this says the conference will be held in a courtroom, Judge Grasso could move this into his chambers or a conference room where this initial conference (or part of it) would not be open to the public.  If the conference is held in the courtroom (as stated in the attached letter), you or any members of the public are more than welcome to observe this or any other courtroom proceedings.

As per my letter of January 28th letter to Judge Grasso that led to this conference (another copy of which is attached, for ease of reference), this will be an opportunity for the County to cooperate with us, such as by offering emergency shelter to those now in the woods who want to get out of the snow, ice and cold.  If the County does not do the right thing and cooperate, we will need to consider, after the initial conference, preparing a motion to try and get the judge to order "interim relief" while the litigation is pending.  Hopefully, however, the County will realize that it is in its interests to join the solution, rather than be a big part of the problem.     

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