Saturday, December 18, 2010

Highlights from APP article on homeless and social services

Here are some statistics cited from APP's article on the requests on OC's Board of Social Services:

Freeholder Gerry P. Little: Board of Social Services provides shelter and/or temporary rental assistance to almost 2,000 people every night.

In some cases the demand on social services and welfare programs have increased by 100% since 2007.

Number of people getting general assistance: 2, 762, up 137% since 2007.  (2,006 last year.)

Requests for food stamps 16,580, up 122% since 2007. (11,563 last year.)

Board of Social Services administers more than 70 programs to assist the needy.

Eight counties in NJ take advantage of a recent law that enables them to place a $3 surcharge on documents filed with the county clerk, in order to raise money for a homeless trust.  Ocean County does not.

The full article can be read at the APP Web site: 

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